What is Good for Anxiety and Stress?

What is Good for Anxiety and Stress

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Hi, Jon here from Mindset Universe and I’m going to let you know what is good for anxiety and stress! I think you’ll find this tip, and these 2 gorgeous smells quite surprising so….read on and get back to calm again. Or you can watch the full video HERE.

So this easy anxiety and stress tip is simply ‘smelling’ anxiety away!

What is Good for Anxiety and Stress? This cat knows!

Before I start, just a quick reminder that what I’m going to say right now doesn’t overwrite any advice that you might receive from doctors or therapists.

But, aromatherapy is one of the strongest tools that I know can really help with panic and anxiety. It’s helped me cope with worry and anxiety and made a huge difference to many people in our life.

So how do you smell anxiety away?

Well, there’s two aromatherapy oils that I swear by, Lavender and Frankincense. Both of these oils are known for their calming properties and when used properly are great at calming you down when you really need it. 

The best way I can explain this is with some examples.

Example 1:

You’ve had a terrible day at work. Your head is banging and to put it mildly, you’re stressed! At this point you have a few choices:

  1. Open a bottle of wine again (or a drink of your choice). Last time you remember how it helped briefly and sent you to sleep. But you then remember how you felt the next morning!
  2. You try to turn your mind off and watch some TV. After an hour you find that your mind is still racing and you’re thinking about what happened at work, again.
  3. You relax with some aromatherapy.

Example 2:

You love your children but for two weeks solid now they’ve been an absolute nightmare. You’ve tried everything but you’re getting to the end of your ‘tether’ and feel like losing it! How about:

  1. Laying down the law and thinking of new ways to ‘ground them’. How many times do you have to tell them, right?
  2. Accept that they’re just kids and they’ll grow out of it. Sounds great but you’re still on-edge and filled with anxiety!
  3. You relax with some aromatherapy.

You can probably guess where I’m going with this!


Now, I’m not saying that aromatherapy is the answer to all our problems but it’s a great tool to have in your ‘sanity’ toolkit.

I’ve had personal experience with both of these examples and I promise you, aromatherapy can help.

So what aromatherapy essential oils do I recommend to help with anxiety?

There are so many but for this video I’m going to stick with my favorites…

Lavender and Frankincense. Both are fantastic and smell just great!

These are two oils that are well-known to reduce anxiety, calm you down and help with having a good night’s sleep.

All of which can make you more prepared for the day ahead and stop you over-reacting to whatever situations have occurred that day.

So how can you use these essential oils?

That really does depend on your preference. But here’s three ways that I know really work:

  1. Using a diffuser. You can pick up one of these quite cheap and they can make a great addition to your living room, bedroom or pretty much anywhere in your home. 

For me, these are most effective in the bedroom. When you’ve had a bad day, fill your diffuser with water and add a few drops of your essential oil. Do this about 30 minutes before you go to bed.

You’ll notice the scent when it’s time to get your head down and you’ll be amazed at how relaxed you start feeling, pretty much straight away.

  • In a tissue! This little trick was given to me by a friend and it can be super effective! All you need to do is put a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil in a folded-up piece of tissue paper.

Then put this paper in your pocket, briefcase or anywhere that you can get to it when you need it. 

Just a tissue!

The beauty with this trick is that when you feel anxious at work, in the supermarket or wherever, you have an immediate solution. All you need to do is take the tissue and breathe in the scent a few times to help you calm down really quickly.

  • Massage. This is great with a partner but you can also do this alone! With essential oils you need to mix them in a base oil and then they can be applied directly to your skin.

If you want to do this massage by yourself then I would suggest aiming for the neck. This is a natural area for stress and is quite easy for someone to massage themselves.

Have some help? Great! 

With you lying on your front, get your partner to massage your neck and back. I’ve found that do this most effectively you should:

  1. Start with the lower back
  2. Make circular motions as you move your hands upwards
  3. Then go across the shoulders into the arms

Whichever way you choose, experiment with these oils and find which one is best for you.

How do you feel?

I’d love to hear about your experiences with trying aromatherapy and if you like these two scents.

Also, do you have any other essential oil recommendations that you can share with everyone else?

Be sure to let everyone know how you feel in the post comments.

Thanks for reading what is good for anxiety and stress.

Try not to worry when you don’t have to.

Mindset Universe

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