Stop my Anxiety right now

Stop my Anxiety right now

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Stop My Anxiety Right Now [Superb 54321 Grounding Technique to Calm Down FAST]

Hi, Jon here from Mindset Universe and I’m going to tell you how to stop your anxiety with a superb 54321 grounding technique.

By the way, if you’re looking to watch the full video instead then here it is:

Anxiety and panic can overwhelm your senses.

When this happens, it can make you feel like you are detached from reality and like you’re in someone else’s body!

A great way to feel normal again is to use proven grounding techniques.

These help you regain your senses and feel like yourself again. They’re great for pulling away from anxiety and making you focus on something other than the source of stress.

This technique is called the 5-4-3-2-1 method. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Look around you and notice 5 separate objects. Think about each object for a couple of seconds before moving onto the next one.
  2. Listen for 4 sounds. Think about where each distinct sound comes from. How do they differ from each other?
  3. Touch or feel 3 different objects near you. Ask yourself what these objects are used for. How do they feel? Do they have a particular temperature or texture?
  4. Notice 2 individual smells. Maybe someone’s cooking some gorgeous food or your dog needs a bath!
  5. Identify 1 thing you can taste. Maybe you have a taste in your mouth right now. Failing that, grab a little snack.

So do you need to do all these steps when you feel anxious? No!

Completing all the steps will depend on how anxious you are. It also varies from person to person. I’ve found that you can adapt these steps depending on how you feel.

How about another example when you need a bit of quick ‘grounding’?

stop my anxiety right now
Stop My Anxiety Right Now

Say to yourself:

“name 5 things around me that are the color blue”. 

Change this to any color, shape or object type you want but the point is that this quick and simple technique can help stop anxiety before it really happens.

How do you feel?

Be sure to let everyone know how you feel in the comments.

Sharing is caring right?

Thanks for reading and try not to worry when you don’t have to.


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