Panic Attack When Waking Up!

Panic Attack When Waking Up

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So why do you have a Panic Attack when waking up?
Firstly, although these can be very overwhelming and it’s natural to feel disorientated and sometimes scared, if you’re otherwise in good health then these attacks are unlikely to hurt you!

panic attack when waking up
Panic Attack When Waking Up
If however these attacks have recently started or you are in any way worried about your health then please see your medical professional as soon as possible.

This will help you eliminate any other possible causes of your panic attacks and the reassurance might even help you to stop having them!

It’s not always clear why these panic attacks happen. What you can do is try and find common factors and then eliminate these to see if it helps.

For me, and this sounds silly, it was eating cheese late at night!

My night time panic attacks were triggered by acid indigestion, caused by the cheese, and a fear of something being wrong with my chest and throat brought on the panic.

That’s just one example but can you identify something that might be causing the panic at night or when waking up?

Also, your panic attacks might be happening because of hormonal changes in your body or because of life changing events in your personal or professional life.

Has anything changed recently, identify it and try and accept those changes!

So how about an EASY way to help stop these attacks!

Chill out…

This really worked for me and it works for many others as well!

Cooling the body is a great way to calm down and let the panic and anxiety subside.

How about:

Keep packets (or small bags) of ice in your freezer.

When you awake ‘in panic’ apply one of these packets to your back or neck.

Also, sip a glass of chilled water slowly.

Can you feel the ‘cooling’ sensation as it overtakes your body.

This so works and I would love to hear if it helps you with your panic or anxiety, let everyone know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and try not to worry when you don’t have to.


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