Panic Attack In The Night – How To Stop Them?

Panic Attack In The Night

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Panic attacks in your sleep, often called ‘nocturnal panic attacks’, are a lot more common that you might think and can occur with no obvious reason or ‘trigger’.

You’re fast asleep and then WHAM…you awake in a panic.
Sweating, trembling, rapid heart rate and generally feeling rubbish!

So what can you do about these?

Here’s 1 simple technique that I learned from something called the panic prevention program. You can check it out HERE if you want to find out more.

Focus on relaxing certain muscles!
Sounds simple because that’s what it is, simple and easy to do!

For me, I focus on relaxing the jaw and shoulder muscles.

Along with the neck, the jaw and shoulder are two parts of the body where tension tends to have its own little party!

When anxiety or panic strikes, I close my eyes and imagine that I’m inside the jaw and then the shoulder area.

It’s quite difficult to explain but when you practice doing this, you feel like you are inside the actual muscles!

I then take a deep breath and say to myself RELAX when I breathe out.

Depending on how bad the panic or anxiety is, you can try doing this in one area first, for 5 times, and see how you feel!

Give it a go and let us all know in the comments below what you think.

Maybe the neck is a better area for you to try this one or somewhere else on the body?

For me though, it’s the jaw and shoulders and is totally works BUT might take a bit of time to get used to the technique!

So that’s one simple way for you to cope with panic attacks when you’re sleeping.

I’d love to know if these help or if you have another way to help with panic attacks at night.

Thanks for reading and try not to worry when you don’t have to.


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