Panic Attack in Sleep

Panic Attack in Sleep

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Panic attacks in your sleep, often called ‘nocturnal panic attacks’, are a lot more common that you might think and can occur with no obvious reason or ‘trigger’.

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Back to the article…You’re fast asleep and then WHAM…you awake in panic.

Sweating, trembling, rapid heart rate and generally feeling rubbish!

So what can you do about these?

Here’s 2 simple techniques that I learned from something called the panic prevention program. You can check it out in the video description if you want to find out more.

Panic Attack in Sleep Techniques
1 – Get up and do something!
Simple? Maybe but the way these attacks work means you’re unlikely to be able to go straight back to sleep again after a panic attack.

Instead, do something to take your mind of it.

Just try and forget it ever happened and do something relaxing to shift your focus away from the panic!

You could: listen to calm music, do some Yoga or even take care of one of the chores (ironing anyone?).

As simple as that. No more panic attack in sleep and just go to bed when you’re ready!

2 – Don’t fight it
This can be easier said than done but if you can learn to accept what’s happening and let the feelings just wash over you then you’re well on your way to winning!

Remember, this is only temporary and before you know it, the feeling will fade into nothing.

Just let it happen!

So that’s two ways that I learned a while ago and can I let you into a little secret?

When I started to accept the feelings and afterwards do something else to relax, the attacks become fewer and less frequent!

It’s like they knew I had them beaten…

So that’s two ways to help you cope with panic attacks when you’re sleeping.

I’d love to know if these help or if you have another way to help with panic attack in sleep situations! Let us all know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and try not to worry when you don’t have to.

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