How to Reduce Anxiety when Presenting?

How to Reduce Anxiety when Presenting

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Hi, Jon here from Mindset Universe and I’m going to tell you how to reduce anxiety when presenting. You can also check out the full Video here.

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how to calm your nerves before a meeting

So, how do you reduce anxiety when presenting?

Now presenting can mean a few things but this video I’m using the examples of either presenting in an office environment or doing so online with Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

By the way, other software applications are available of course.

And, I’m speaking from first hand experience here by the way!

I’m not saying that I never get nervous during presentations, but the following tips have REALLY helped to reduce those pesky feelings. So, onto the techniques.

Tip 1 – Accept that anxiety is not a bad thing!

Ok, this is not an actual technique but it really can help to calm that anxiety right down.

So you’re nervous about a presentation?

In my experience, that normally means that you care about doing a good job!

Is that a bad thing?

Also, during a presentation, this natural anxiety can produce more adrenaline which actually helps you become more fluent and appear more knowledgeable than someone who doesn’t really care!

Tip 2 – When has anyone been perfect in a presentation?

How about asking yourself when was the last time that you heard a pitch perfect presentation?

The only one that I can remember was on the news when, prior to Gulf War 1, Colonel Tim Collins gave the most hair-raising speech I have ever heard.

Don’t get lost in the desert with your presentation!

Ok, it wasn’t strictly a presentation, but you probably get the point.

Perfect presentations are RARE!

I was given some advice by a friend a few years ago on  how to get better with presentations.

Just be yourself.

And don’t strive to be that elusive ‘super-speaker’. You audience will nearly always appreciate that sincerity.

Tip 3 – Know what you’re talking about!

Sounds obvious but I’m completely guilty of this!

You know you’ve got a presentation coming but for some reason, maybe it’s misplaced confidence, you don’t bother to research and practice the presentation before hand.

Face it, the more you know about what you’re talking about the better.

And also, remember that you don’t need to be the complete expert on your presentation, you just need to know a little bit more than the majority of your audience.

And finally…

This isn’t a tip as such but make sure that you engage your audience!

Take short breaks in your speaking to ask if they have any questions.

If you see someone looking a bit confused maybe ask them if they have a question or if what you said made sense.

Engagement is a great way to make the presentation a bit more fun and less of a ‘chore’.

So how do you feel?

Before we finish, it’s important to make sure that you’ve made notes on these techniques so you can use them in the future.

Thanks for reading and try not to worry when you don’t have to.

Mindset Universe

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