How to Calm Down From a Panic Attack?

How to Calm Down From a Panic Attack

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It’s no secret that panic attacks can happen suddenly and without warning. They can even happen when you’re not even awake!

They can be truly overwhelming and its great to have some ‘tricks’ you can rely on to make the panic subside as quickly as possible.

How to Calm Down from a Panic Attack – Solution 1
Simple Breathing Exercise

Deliberate breathing can have a great impact on your panic attack and it’s a great solution in learning how to calm down from a panic attack.

This is one of the simpler techniques but make sure you check out the other videos on my channel if you want to see some of the other ‘slightly more advanced’ breathing techniques!

But with this exercise you:

Close your eyes

Focus on your breathing…

Then breathe in as slowly, deeply and gently as you can, through your nose

Followed by breathing out slowly, deeply and gently through your mouth

You might find it helpful to count as you do this. I would recommend counting steadily from one to five on each in-breath and out-breath (or whatever you are comfortable with)

That’s all there is to it and you should start to feel better in a few minutes, although the panic attack might make you feel fatigued!

Solution 2
Repeat a mantra

A mantra helps you focus. It can be a word, phrase or sound and repeating it can help you come out of a panic attack.

As you focus on gently repeating your mantra, you’ll find that your muscles relax and your breathing becomes more regulated.

This has the effect of reducing and eventually stopping the panic attack.

Examples of mantras include simple forms of reassurance such as “All is well”, “ It’s not about you” and my personal favorite which is super simple “Calm down”.

Do you have a personal mantra that you use to help calm down from panic attacks? Let us all know in the comments.

So that’s two quick solutions to help you calm down from panic attacks.

Thanks for reading and try not to worry when you don’t have to.

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