How Do I Stop Anxiety from Ruining my Relationship?

How Do I Stop Anxiety from Ruining my Relationship

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Hi, Jon here from Mindset Universe and in this post I’m going to share a very simple but super effective way to answer the question how do I stop anxiety from ruining my relationship.

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How Do I Stop Anxiety from Ruining my Relationship
How Do I Stop Anxiety from Ruining my Relationship?

So what is this anxiety technique?

This is really personal to me and many people that I know.

And what’s more, if you’re a woman this might not be as applicable! Not to stereotype, but men seem to be more likely to bottle their feelings up than ladies.

Does this sound familiar?

Again, not being sexist but just telling you about our experiences! For most of the ladies that we know, they know where to go when they need to get something off their chest?

Their family or girlfriends!

Men on the other hand tend to ‘bottle up’ emotions.

But regardless of who is ‘bottling up’ their emotions, what can you do to help them reduce anxiety and open up to you again?

How about talking?

I know this sounds a bit obvious but just give your loved one an ear!

Don’t judge and really be there for them.

Sometimes though, when someone is feeling so stressed, anxious and maybe even depressed, they won’t open up to the one person that really wants to help them.

This can of course have a huge effect on your relationship.

So what can you do?

how to stop anxiety from ruining your life,
Go on, don’t be a bird brain!

Before seeking outside help, how about their friends, family or close work colleagues?

Have they got someone who you know they confide in?

This is where it can get a bit tricky to contact that person and not seem like you’re interfering but it’s a more natural option than involving an ‘insider’.

When this doesn’t work then how about doing what I did?

You might find that all your loved one needs is someone that they can talk to who is oblivious of who they are or what they have done.

In my case, this involved a ‘talking therapist’.

Over a 5 week period, my partner spent 1 hour a week talking about their anxiety and problems. After these sessions, the result was amazing. The anxiety was significantly reduced and my loved one started to smile again.

My advice is that if the listening ear doesn’t work then sometimes a professional ‘stranger’ can make all the difference. 

The anxiety will reduce or even stop altogether, and your relationship will get back on track.

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I’d love to hear about your experiences with ‘talking it out’ with a loved one.

Be sure to let everyone know how you feel in the comments.

Sharing is caring right?

Thanks for reading and try not to worry when you don’t have to.

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