How do I Reduce Anxiety Naturally?

How do I Reduce Anxiety Naturally

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Hi, Jon here from Mindset Universe and in this post I’m going to help you answer the question How do I Reduce Anxiety Naturally? There’s also a full video on this topic which you can find HERE.

By the way, before I continue, have you ever used an Anxiety Journal?

They’re great for finding out what’s causing your anxiety and the doing something about it!

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So how can you reduce anxiety naturally?

Well, here’s 2 techniques which I still use today which I know can help you as well.

Technique 1: Choose a ‘Focus Word’

This can be words like Peace, Om, Love or maybe something a bit more religious like Hail Mary.

easy ways to stop anxiety
Love the ‘Om’!

Just choose a word or phrase that means something to you and use it in the following steps.

  1. Sit quietly and make sure you are comfortable.
  2. With your eyes closed start to concentrate on relaxing all your muscles.
  3. Breathe slowly. As you breathe in and out, say your focus word.
  4. If you get other thoughts enter your mind, don’t worry about them! Just let them pass through…
  5. Do all this once or twice daily.
  6. Try and do it for 10 minutes initially. Then, increase to 20 minutes when you feel comfortable doing so.
  7. Important. Don’t end the session abruptly!
  8. Take a few minutes to let other thoughts return.
  9. Open your eyes and continue to sit quietly for a minute.
  10. Enjoy the sensation of feeling more relaxed.

Technique 2: Easy sitting meditation

This is super easy to do, just:

  1. Sit down with your legs uncrossed, your feet firmly on the ground and your hands rested on your thighs.
  2. Again, close your eyes and relax all your muscles.
  3. Take slow, deep and even breaths, in and out!
  4. Whilst breathing, concentrate on the rise and fall of your breathing.

A great way to think of this breathing is imagining that your breathing is like the action of the ocean on a beach.

how do i stop feeling anxious all the time
Now this is a GREAT way to get rid of anxiety 🙂

When you breathe in, it is like the ocean rolling up onto the beach shore.

When you breathe out, you see the ocean rolling back out again!

  • Again, passively disregard any other thoughts that come your way. Just let them pass through your mind but don’t dwell on them.

So how do you feel?

Do any of these 2 techniques help?

Be sure to let everyone know how you feel in the comments.

Thanks for reading and try not to worry when you don’t have to.

Mindset Universe

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