Difference Between Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack

Difference Between Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack

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Difference Between Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack
So what is the difference?
Let’s start with Panic Attacks. These are mostly unpredictable and can happen at any time! They don’t rely on what’s called ‘Stressors’ and it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause, sometimes there just isn’t one.

An Anxiety Attack though relies on these ‘Stressors’ and generally won’t happen without them.

An example of a panic attack is that you’re sitting in bed and you suddenly start shaking, get chest discomfort and feel light-headed.

You’ve had these feelings before and you recognize it as part of a panic attack.

By the way, if you haven’t had these feelings before and you’re not sure about your health, then please consult your medical professional as soon as possible.

The bottom line with the panic attack is that although you recognize the symptoms and you’re otherwise in good health, you have no idea what brought the attack on. This is very common.

An anxiety attack on the other hand needs external influence.

A good example would be going to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris when you know you’re scared of heights but you just have to do it (it’s one of those bucket list moments!).

You get to the top of the tower, look down and then feel a surge of anxiety. If the stressor is powerful enough, this anxiety will become an attack and the feelings might get worse.

From this you can probably see that there’s more you can do to combat anxiety than panic.

But how about 1 quick way to stop them both?

Panic and Anxiety Attack Solution
Something that has really worked for me and many others is to…

Visualize HAPPY!

You need to prepare in your mind a mental list of images that you can rely on to calm yourself when panic or anxiety takes over.

For me this mental list involves a favourite childhood memory (snow, sled, and much fun!).

I go through the memory from start to finish, imaging as much detail as possible including, smells, sounds, temperature, colors, textures and how happy I was!

This has the effect of putting my brain on a completely different track and moving me away from the panic or anxiety.

Give it go, it so works.

That’s the difference between panic and anxiety attacks and 1 great way to stop them when they’re happening.

I’d love to know if it helps or if you have another way to stop panic and anxiety attacks, let everyone know in the comments.

Thanks for watching and try not to worry when you don’t have to.

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